We are Glimpt.

We work in different countries, different cultures. We meet real people who work with real things, who struggle with real life. They work with their hands, passing on their knowledge and experiences through their crafts. We learn from them, they learn from us.

Seeing what different artisans do, how they work and live we get inspired and design objects that we could never have conceived back home.

We believe that as a designer you have to take a social responsibility, that it’s everyone’s obligation to take care of our world and one another. That’s why we set off, leaving comfort behind, to explore new ideas and learn other ways of seeing things. Because all of us are conditioned by our surroundings.

We want to see from different perspectives. What is life like for those who are going to work with our ideas? We get to know these people, and hope that we can give them a little in return. There is a lot more soul to an object that is handmade, it’s closer to its origins, it’s more real. It’s not perfect in every aspect, but nor is any one of us. That’s why we like working this way.